Thanks for taking the time to view my showreel!

What to expect when booking me:

  • Fantastic correspondence

I pride myself in having a great rapport with the venue/promoter for the event.

  • Perfect time management 

You'll always find me on time and ready to perform and finish when agreed.

  • The ability to improvise

Some audiences just want to catch up with friends and eat dinner! The ability to know when to interact with a crowd and when not too is important and many years of performing has allowed me to refine this. 

  • Professional equipment

All the gear I use is industry standard meaning reliable and high quality audio.

  • Only a small space needed!

I have a very modest setup so there's no need to move too many tables and be an inconvenience on your guests!

I'm now taking bookings for Feb/March 2020 and I hope I can add your venue and event to my calendar! | (613) 614-7134