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Robby has been teaching music professionally since the age of 15. He has delivered over 3000 lessons in person and online to students around the world of all ages and skill levels. 

Now that online and virtual learning have become some what more of a normality in day to day life, taking lessons with Robby will allow you to progress in your instrument and music education from the comfort of your home.

Robby switched to online lessons in 2017 as a way to continue teaching students back in the England after moving to America. Now residing in Ottawa, ON, Robby has grown student base from the UK, Europe and United States. With a great deal of experience teaching online, Robby is able to deliver high quality music lessons with all extra resources, PDF's and lesson video 'highlights' e-mailed to you within minutes of finishing your lesson. 




Looking for shorter sessions that still pack a punch? 30 minute lessons are a great way for us to touch base, check your progression and set you brand new material. All without feeling rushed and most importantly, you leaving the lesson knowing exactly what to work on. 

For those who are after a little more time, hour long lessons offer all of the above but are perfect to give extra attention to other questions you might have or offer the opportunity to dig deeper into technique or more theory.   

Regardless of whether you choose 30 minute or 60 minute classes with me, you will receive a bespoke lesson prioritizing your goals and ambitions and receive a 'lesson highlights' video recording for every lesson.

no registration fee!
  • Acoustic Guitar

From your very first guitar lessons incorporating basic chords and songs to finger style, bar chords and advanced strumming and picking.

  • electric Guitar

From power chords and straightforward songs to fretboard knowledge, inspiring guitar soloing and improvising.

  • Bass

From learning your all important root notes and simple songs to being able to improvise your own bass lines and groove.

  • Songwriting

Learn about song structure, chord progressions and simple theory to give you the tools you need to turn your lyrics and ideas into fully-fledged songs and compositions​.