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robby miller
Wakefield, QC

As someone who actively composes, records, releases and performs his own music, I know the passion and soul it takes to get projects off the ground and out in to the world. I can work with you to help bring your songs to life under a producer role, a mixing engineer for your own recordings or play/write/arrange parts as an additional musician to lift and compliment your vision.

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Ready to create?

If you have your song fleshed out but unsure how to get it ready for the masses, I will help springboard what you have into a finished product. Over the past 15 years I've been fortunate to grow a large music network from which allows me to put together the best team and musicians suited to your project and budget. 



Want that sound?

For me, mixing a song is comparable and just as exciting as performing a song live. There is direction with a hint of creative improvisation to insure the audience have a bespoke experience. If you are already using your own equipment and recording from your own space and eager to level up the energy, reach out to start getting your music mixed and ready to be heard.



Need fresh ideas?

Sometimes extra instruments are what is needed to give your track the hook and texture it deserves. I've spent almost two decades working with bands and artists as an additional musician playing songs note for note or writing in the missing elements and filling in the gaps. With your guide and direction always at the forefront, we will create exactly what you hear in your head.



Stephen Jones
musician //vocalist // songwriter

"I'm absolutely blown away with the track Robby's worked on with me. I now have a song that wouldn’t sound out of place on the radio. It’s the ultimate business card!"

musician // vocalist // songwriter

"It’s been great working with Robby on my songs. He has such a great ear for where everything fits sonically and musically. When needed, he can recommend ideas and different approaches to help fuel inspiration and achieve the sound I'm looking for. I am happy to say we got the best result for my songs. Highly recommended this man."

vocalist // songwriter

“I chose Robby to produce my music because he has a way of making something sound beautifully produced, yet keeping the authenticity and rawness of a track. Not only does he put in an amazing amount of work, you know that he truly cares about what you’re writing about and the sound you want to leave others with. I couldn’t recommend him more. Robby seems to know exactly what you’re aiming for, he’s incredible to work with and he truly does not disappoint.”

musician // vocalist // songwriter

"Robby reached out to me at a point where I was really tired of recording and not gelling well with producers who never truly listened to what it was I was envisioning for my recorded work. Our initial meeting went over really well and I knew after those short 45 minutes that he understood exactly what it was I was trying to create. Robby is really attentive and is great at getting to know his clients even from halfway across the world! He listened to all of my comments, notes and list of wants for the song and achieved them brilliantly. He was organised and timely and super creative throughout the whole process. I'm over the moon with what we accomplished together and I can't wait to work with him again."

I Was Lying Before LadyCaptain
00:00 / 04:37

producer // mixing // additional musician


Halcyon DaysStephen Jones
00:00 / 04:45

producer // mixing // additional musician


Dark HorseFergus
00:00 / 05:23

mixing // additional musician


What More Can I Do?Hey Danny Young
00:00 / 02:33




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